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What is SEO?

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving on a website and its traffic to rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. An SEO strategy targets unpaid website traffic and can help increase your brands trust & authenticity by increasing the quality & quantity of website visitors through search engines.

There are two main types of SEO strategies. Used together, your website, online presence, & authority could potentially see greater traffic leading to increased revenue & ROI.

On Page SEO V Off Page SEO


On Page SEO

On Page SEO involves optimizing pages on your website both in terms of design and content as well as the site structure and technical aspects of the website.

Your website design and structure should be built in a way that clearly leads traffic to the pages most relevant to what their needs are. This will help in the website browsers experience on your website leading to an increase of leads, purchases, and even customer retention. Think of reverse engineering the sales process you have taken when purchasing a product or service from a website! Content marketing can be closely associated with SEO. Creating videos and custom media to help your audience understand what your site is about can also lead to increase traffic.

Technical aspects of On Page SEO includes:



Advanced Keyword research & targeting

Internal link building

Site structure


H1 H2 headings



Optimizing your website pages allows search engines like Google and Bing to rank your website higher than your competition meaning your business will generate at the top of the page or higher on page results than your competition when people are searching for terms and topics within your industry.

Let's take Plumbers for an example. You need a plumber and search in Google, "plumbers near me" If you were the plumber, it would be in your best interest to have your site page show up first before your competition.

Studies show that over 25% off Google users click the first page results. - From the Search Engine Journal


Learn how Giving You Digital performs Advanced Keyword Targeting to help businesses increase their website traffic by delivering information on relevant topics being searched online.

What is Keyword targeting?


Search Volume

Domain Authority

Average CPC





Digital Marketing









Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO refers to the strategies used to increase your site rankings not outside of your website. Think of off page SEO as finding new routes to drive traffic to your site.

Off page SEO includes:


Guest blogging

Link building

Social Media

Press releases


Online business directories

When you build links to your site using off page SEO, you are improving on your sites relevance, trust worthiness, quality & authority.

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